Vision Statement from the Quality of Life Plan –

North Highland Park is the place we call home.  We, the fabric of North Highland Park, are people of all ages, backgrounds, beliefs and abilities.

  • We will revive North Highland Park as a community distinguished by leadership, cooperation and community engagement, where we will create family among neighbors and come together to help one another.
  • We will create a community of actively engaged citizens who live, work, play, pray and grow in a safe, healthy and sustainable environment that meets the needs of today while constantly looking forward to a better tomorrow.
  • We will empower our youth by providing enrichment and learning opportunities and encourage all residents to value and engage in educational endeavors.
  • North Highland Park will be a community where people of all ages can have an impact and we will foster a sense of pride to create and identity visible to the outside community.
  • We will constantly strive to make our community the very best it can be – a safe place where children are raised, neighbors interact, spirits are engaged and better lives are built.

We are a community realizing our greatness – day by day.

We are North Highland Park.


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